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Financial Fairness is one of ESL's beliefs

11 Dec 2018

Over the course of the term, we have sent a series of letters and emails explaining who we are; what we do; how we do it but perhaps most importantly why we operate the way we do.

We have communicated at length about how our trinity of values (Integrity, Partnership and Safeguarding) defines our very core. In support of that trinity sits a number of beliefs which define our culture, ethos and character. One such belief is that of financial fairness.

You only have to Google Financial Fairness to get a multitude of definitions, many of which give an accurate definition but to us, its best defined as:

At all times we will act with integrity, honesty and transparency to ensure that we are recognised as a trustworthy partner who will provide equity to our Supply Team Members  and Schools ensuring that we provide an environment in which team members are equipped physically, mentally and morally to provide children with a positive impact to their learning.

People are our most valuable asset. This is why over 83% of income is used to reward our supply team who teach and support the children whom schools ask us to serve and why a further 11% rewards our office team. We use the final 6% to fund administration; business support and office costs.

Having operated exclusively in the education sector for 24 years; speaking to Head Teachers, Business Managers and keeping a close eye on news and current affairs we are very aware of the pressure that school budgets face. We work very hard to ensure our team members’ salary are at a fair and equitable level whilst we keep our rates of charge to schools as low as possible. The rate we pay and charge is linked to the experience team members bring to your classroom.

We value all with whom we work for the ongoing confidence placed in our service. We continue to work hard to be the agency of choice for team members and schools throughout the region.





Committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people and expects all team members to share in and support this commitment.

Committed to Equal Opportunities in Employment and positively welcome your application irrespective of your gender, race, disability, colour, ethnic or national origin, marital status, religion or age.