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GDPR - Important Payroll information

5 Mar 2018

Important Changes (GDPR)

Over the coming weeks and months we will have cause to advise you of some procedural changes as a result of the introduction of a piece of EU legislation entitled General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) which is enacted on 25 May 2018.

The GDPR, places more emphasis for Data Processors (such as ESL) to provide “appropriate technical and organisational measures” to protect your data.

In practice, little will change in terms of what and how we operate, we will continue to supply our schools with high quality, professional practioners who are fully qualified and legally compliant to provide children with a fantastic day; to have a positive impact on children’s learning. You may however notice some changes in our documentation and administration that support our core activity.

The data we store is essential in fulfilling our requirements under the Keeping Children Safe in Education guidance.  For example; the information that we send to schools on all our order confirmation paperwork is required for schools central register and their safeguarding requirements.  The information we collate and then send to our payroll partner (bank details, national insurance number, tax code) is crucial for pay purposes.  In due course, a form will be sent to you with regards how we store and process any data we hold and your consent to do so.  

Perhaps the most obvious and significant change will be how our payroll partner (SGW Payroll) will deliver payslips.

Information from SGW Payroll:

We have taken the decision that emailing highly sensitive data including financial information and bank details does not represent appropriate technical measures and therefore this practice will cease after April 2018. It is also our view that printing and posting of data does not represent best practice, and it is our preference for all of our payroll service to be delivered via the SGW Payroll Portal.

As part of our ongoing review into our payroll service, and in response to the impending data protection changes under the EU’s General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) coming into force from 25 May 2018, we are making some essential software changes to our current service. This is in particular relation to the way we transfer payroll information and payslips.

Please note that this does not mean that the service you receive from us today is not compliant with data protection. Our service is compliant with current regulation, but we have identified some service enhancements in preparation for the new regulations coming into force.

The SGW Payroll Portal

The portal will become the standard delivery method for sending payslips to employees - they will access payslips via a secure online portal.

Delivering payslips

Payslips will be delivered via the SGW Payroll Portal.
All employees in receipt of e-payslips and paper payslips will in future access payslips via the SGW Payroll Portal. As we are unable to guarantee the security of a posted payslip, we believe that our online portal would best evidence the “technical and organisational measures” under GDPR to protect your information.

Transition timelines

April 2018
Your first payroll run on or after 6th April will be published to the SGW Payroll Portal.
ESL will be required to use the document portal to send payroll documents to SGW Payroll.

01 May 2018
ESL will be required to send all documents containing employee information via the SGW Portal.
You will receive an email from SGW Payroll advising you to set up your own online account to access payslips.

We will be working hard with our payroll partner to provide you with further information nearer the time. Change will always create uncertainty but please be assured that we will do all we can to make the transition as simple, straight forward and efficient as possible. ESL act responsibly and with integrity about the data we store and will continue to do so.

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