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Autumn Newsletter 2017

11 Oct 2017

Statistical evidence does indicate that September is the quietest month in the supply calendar, though this half term has had an especially slow start.  The foundation of supply is the principle of flexibility. Whilst everyone has a different experience and journey, flexibility is at its core. For individual professionals, supply can mean experiencing new schools, seeking good practice, attaining a work life balance. For schools, supply ensures that they can find a flexible solution to managing staff absence, by creating minimal disruption to pupils.

If you have not achieved the volume of work you seek, we would recommend that you consider the following:

  • Expanding the key stages in which you are willing to be assigned. i.e. for Key Stage 1 teachers, consider accepting assignments in Year 3; for Key Stage 2 teachers, would you welcome the opportunity to teach in Year 2.
  • Part days are an excellent opportunity for you to showcase your talent. For some, the financial reward may be prohibitive. It is worth remembering; a morning session may extend to a full day and for the purpose of AWR, a part day is a week.
  • Geography. Extend the areas to which you are willing to travel. If you travel by public transport consider the use of a taxi.
  • Early morning calls.
  • Long Term Assignments.
  • Increasing the days on which you declare availability for work.
  • CV. Is it accurate, up to date and does it showcase your approach to teaching and creating a dynamic and exciting learning environment?.

Sometimes a marginal change can have a dramatic impact.  Our combined experience indicates that both the requirements of individuals and schools can change at great speed.

Please advise us of your availability to work and keep us informed should your opinion to any of the above factors change, now or at any point in the future.  It is important that we understand what your exact needs are to ensure that we can work in partnership with you and our client schools.

We are pleased to confirm that we have been selected as a preferred supplier of agency staff to Birmingham City Council schools and as such subscribing schools should use an agency from this list when using supply teaching staff.  We have been in contact with every school who subscribe to this service to introduce ESL to them and promote the skills and attributes of all our team members.  We hope to develop relationships with them and become their preferred agency.

We are always open to any idea’s or feedback on how we can improve our service and would welcome any suggestions, please do call or email us.

Office News - We are pleased to welcome Jodie back from maternity leave, it is like she has never been away !

October Half Term;  The office will be closed on Monday 23rd October 2017 but will be open 24-27 October 2017 from 9am – 3.30pm.


Thank you for your continued support, hard work, commitment, dedication and loyalty. This is very much appreciated by all pupils, Headteachers and of course all involved at ESL

Committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people and expects all team members to share in and support this commitment.

Committed to Equal Opportunities in Employment and positively welcome your application irrespective of your gender, race, disability, colour, ethnic or national origin, marital status, religion or age.