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Umbrella services

Umbrella services

Since April 2005 the Disclosure-and-Barring-Service has been de-registering CRB registered bodies who submit less than 100 applications per year.

This means that smaller organisations that have a requirement to check employees or volunteers are no longer able to conduct their own DBS Disclosure Checks.

As a DBS Umbrella Body, ESL can provide this service for smaller organisations enabling them to continue to reduce the risk to their business from potential new employees and volunteers by ensuring they have a DBS check performed prior to employment.

There are a number of benefits why you should choose to access DBS checks via ESL.

These are:

  • You will not need to pay the DBS’s registration fee
  • You may only require a small number of checks per annum and cannot meet the threshold requirements or the terms for direct registration – ESL has no minimum threshold.
  • ESL acts as an interface between you and the DBS, so that you can concentrate on your own business.
  • ESL will administer, process and acquire the DBS check on your behalf.
  • ESL have a great deal of experience in handling and processing DBS checks that can pay dividends in ensuring that the check is completed as quickly as possible.
  • You may require help and assistance in order to comply with certain obligations contained in the DBS’s Code of Practice.
  • You may lack the necessary administration resource or the relevant expertise in handling criminal record information.

For further information on how your organisation can benefit from our Umbrella Body Disclosure Service please call us on 0121 414 1166 or email us at:

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