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Testimonials Testimonials

"I have always enjoyed my teaching and have also felt very lucky to have found such a friendly, professional and supportive agency to work with. Thank you all for everything you have done for me over the year, and I wish everyone all the best." 

CC, supply team member (November 2021)


"Thank you for being superb employers and providing me with lots of assignments over the past 10 years, the support you have all provided has been first class! Wishing you all the best for the future."

JR, previous supply team member (September 2020)


"I would like to take the opportunity to thank ESL for their support and sensitivity throughout the current Covid-19 crisis. Your professionalism, with it's personalised approach, has ensured that I have felt valued, as part of the ESL family."

MG, supply team member (August 2020)


"ESL is always an ethical, good and generous agency to work for."

AR, previous supply team member (Jan 2020)


“I would like to thank you all there at ESL for all you have done for me while I have been with you. You are a great agency and would not hesitate to return to you in the future if needs be and will recommend you to everyone who asks me which is the best agency to join.”

ST, supply team member (Nov 19)

"Thank you for the support you have given and for being a great agency."

BF, supply team member (May 2019)

"I find that ESL are my 'go to' agency as they always provide good, committed and conscientious supply teachers.  We have built up a repertoire of supply teachers with ESL that I can regularly call and arrange cover to be supplied.

ESL are a professional and caring company that will always look to what the school needs regarding the ethos and the needs of our children.

I have an excellent working relationship with the staff at ESL and they are extremely proficient and understanding."

SH, Strategic Business Manager (May 2019)


"I just wanted you to know that I always recommend ESL to colleagues as a highly ethical and fair employer to work for.  Thank you so much for all your hard work".

AS, supply team member (December 2018)


"ESL provides all agency employees with a very high standard of service and support.  As a supply teacher, I feel very supported in every respect.  Communication is excellent and I feel valued as an agency employee.  This underpins the whole professional ethos of ESL.  As a supply teacher, I have not found this level of professional support and service elsewhere.  Thank you ESL."

Sheryll, supply team member (September 2018)


"The best agency I am with - really lovely people to deal with and I feel I can be totally honest with them about anything and every school. Not been in a bad school and will always reply to any problems you have either by phone or email. Didn't think I would enjoy doing supply but working with them has been an absolute pleasure! Thank you ESL"

Andrew, supply team member (July 2018)


"Thank you for your advice. I meant it when I said you’re the best agency I’m with.  And I know I’m not the only one who feels that. I met another ESL teacher at the supply conference a few weeks ago who also spoke very highly of ESL."

Sara, supply team member (October 2017)


“The ESL team have been instrumental in ensuring I have a strong and solid team in these tricky times of recruitment struggles. They break the mould in terms of the usual recruitment company tactics; genuinely putting the client first to ensure ethical placements are made. Where I have had arguments over 'finders fees' from agencies in the past, ESL have been fair and supportive and I feel the best interests of the school are really taken into account; something rare in the world of sales!

As a result, they have earned my respect and I trust their judgement in terms of who they send to me. In addition, I am confident if there is ever an issue, they will resolve it quickly.

I have found the team to be highly professional, friendly and show great integrity. The people they have sourced for us have been brilliant and a fantastic fit.

Thank you for all your help and support.”

Mrs G, Head Teacher of Primary School in Handsworth (July 2017)

"Thank you for making the transition on to supply so easy this term.  I was very unsure as to what to expect and have really appreciated the efficiency and care with which you work.  It has made a huge difference. Thank you. "

Jen, supply team member (July 2017)

"I had made the difficult decision to leave a school where I had been for 13 years. My confidence in teaching was rock bottom and I needed to do something different and experience other schools.  I was recommended ESL by a colleague.  I have been working as a Supply Teacher at ESL for the past 12 months.  I have been treated professionally and gained my confidence and my buzz for teaching again.  I have now been appointed to a permanent position at a school I was supplying in which is the icing on the cake for me. Thank you ESL for helping me to love my job again."

LA, supply team member (January 2017)


"Thank you so much for the opportunity to work with your staff this year; we were so encouraged by the professional and dedicated care they give and how positively they received our training workshop."

Trinity Training (December 2016)


"Many happy returns to you Dorothy. If it weren't for ESL I'd have left teaching altogether. I hope you're being thoroughly spoilt! xx"

BP, current supply team member (December 2016)

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank the ESL Team for the professional friendship and support that you have given me over many years.  ESL is a breath of fresh air in the lives of children and staff ! Long may ESL continue".

Norah H, former Client and current supply team member (November 2016)


Firstly, I would like to take this opportunity to say that I have thoroughly enjoyed working for ESL and will continue to do so. Since I joined ESL in 2014, I have always felt that I am part of that ESL family. Everyone in the office has been extremely helpful, caring and polite. Whenever I have telephoned I have felt that all the staff members know me personally even though I haven't met a few. I must say that I feel proud to be working for ESL.”

Mrs P,  ESL supply team member (September 2016)


 "I would like to thank you all for the work you have sent my way over the past 4 and half years.  It hasn't always been easy but you have kept me gainfully employed for which I am most grateful.  I hope I have played my own small part in adding to ESL's considerable reputation in the primary schools in Birmingham".

Mr S, ex ESL supply team member (July 2016)


"We have been very impressed with the level of service provided and the steps you have taken in order to make the administration less onerous for the school. The safeguarding aspects were particularly helpful in view of the short notice and saved us lots of time and effort. All communications with the office team have been positive, helpful and efficient. We would be happily recommend your service to others". Thank you so much!!!

Mrs P, Deputy Headteacher of First School in Bromsgrove (April 2015)


"I am writing to you to thank you for the amazing opportunities you have given me throughout the 5 years of my employment and thank you for the experience I will never forget. Through an assignment You have provided me I have now found a permanent job and I appreciate all your hard work".

A Jones - (March 2015)         


"I want to say a huge thank you to all the staff who I have been in contact with this year - I have appreciated all your help and support. This was my first experience of working as a supply teacher and I was a little apprehensive back in September, but you have made the whole thing very smooth and easy: thank you. I will certainly whole-heartedly recommend you to anyone else I know who wants to work as a supply teacher in Birmingham!"

Stephanie (June 2014)


"I would like to thank you all for the opportunity to complete the online Child Protection Awareness Training online. 

As a supply teacher, we don't very often have the opportunity to take part in the CPD that takes place in schools, so this was a great opportunity which I would encourage all to take up if possible. The online training is easily accessible and clearly set out and although I have undertaken Child Protection Awareness training in the past, there were certain pointers within this training for recognising abuse that I had not previously been aware of. It was great to be able to refresh and update my knowledge in this way".

Cathy (April 2014)

"I have decided to accept jobs with you above all other agencies now! I prefer working for you at the end of the day!!!!!

Karen W - 26/03/2014


"May I say that I have no need to complete your feedback form we have always been extremely pleased with staff from yourselves. As a company your availability over 24 hours is wonderful".

Frances, School Busines Manager, Birmingham (March 2014)


"Thank you for the way you helped me get back into work".

Fakhra, Birmingham (March 2014)


"Thank you so much for all the work that you gave me. It's been the greatest experience".

Khadija, Washwood Heath, Birmingham (Feb 2014)


"I am very pleased with the service that I receive whenever I phone ESL. I have worked for ESL all my supply teaching career which is now coming up to 7 years and I would recommend them to any supply teacher I meet".

By Email - 23/10/2013


"I found the online training to be very clearly set out and easy to access.  I appreciated the flexibility it afforded me, particularly since there was a lot of detailed information which might have been too much to absorb at a single sitting.  I spent about 30 to 45 minutes on each of the modules. Probably the most potentially useful part was dealing with information provided in confidence from a pupil".

A Smitham - (May 2014)







Committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people and expects all team members to share in and support this commitment.

Committed to Equal Opportunities in Employment and positively welcome your application irrespective of your gender, race, disability, colour, ethnic or national origin, marital status, religion or age.