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Integrity is one of our core values

20 Jul 2018

Integrity is a word you hear almost every day, indeed it’s one of ESL’s core values along with Partnership and Safeguarding and whilst it’s not a word that is given much thought; it’s embedded in who we are and what we do. To coin a phrase “You, Me, Them, Everybody, Everybody”.

Whilst reading an online blog I was pleased to learn that we are not alone; a global survey found that whilst integrity is the primary way trust is earned, it is additionally the area in which companies fall furthest short in expectation. The blog further stated that as a result, levels of trust are at an all-time low, both for businesses and for their leaders.

Since joining ESL in 1997 I have always been impressed by how we operate and the exceptionally high standards of conduct and compliance established in 1994 by our founding Director; Dorothy. That DNA remains and is still very evident today. It’s the reasons that we were selected by the Diocese as their preferred supplier to schools throughout Birmingham.

Back then, we were very much a beacon which many of our competitors wished to emulate but were unwilling to make the necessary financial, moral and ethical investment. Fast forward 20 years and our industry has quite rightly faced significant changes in statute, regulation, legislation, quality assurance and compliance. Whilst our practices, policies and procedures have been modified we have not faced whole scale change whereas our competitors have faced revolution; whole scale change has been adopted and Government input has raised industry standards. This has to be a positive or is it just smoke and mirrors.

Having read facebook posts, twitter feeds, blogs and websites linked to supply teaching, it is our analysis that Supply Teachers do not hold the Agencies with whom they work in high regard. Frustrations focus on pay, quality of work, the use of umbrella pay organisations, quality of communication, accessibility to quality training but perhaps first and foremost a lack of respect.

Our overarching philosophy remains to treat people as one would hope to be treated. Our most recent online feedback stated:

The best agency I am with - really lovely people to deal with and I feel I can be totally honest with them about anything and every school. Not been in a bad school and will always reply to any problems you have either by phone or email. Didn't think I would enjoy doing supply but working with them has been an absolute pleasure! Thank you ESL

So what is the difference and inspite of government legislation and intervention why do we remain a beacon that others seek to emulate?

My conclusion, integrity, it is what sets us apart. Wisdom is knowing the right path to take; Integrity is taking it and after 24 years I am proud to say it’s a path we continue to tread.

  • We have a policy to be financially fair. We pay our team members as much as we can whilst at the same we charge our schools as little as possible.
  • We have spent 24 years cultivating relationships with Schools and Team Members. Many have worked with us for 15 years and some longer. We are not interested in short term gains but seek long term relationships.
  • We HAVE NEVER used an umbrella provider. All team members are paid PAYE via a traditional pay bureau. We have responsibility for Employers National Insurance and claims for SSP and SMP are made direct to ESL.
  • We have open lines of communication and whilst we embrace technology, we still encourage dynamic conversation.
  • All our supply team are members of the ESL family. We are open, honest and transparent. We aim for nothing to be a surprise and spend lots of time helping our team members making the transition into Supply and returning to a contracted position when the time is right.  

Our team is forever growing and developing and should you be a school who values our ethical approach or a prospective team member who seeks the support of a unique and professional agency, we would very much value contact. Please feel free to:

Call 0121 414 1166

E Mail:

For further information or to apply on line, please visit

Committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people and expects all team members to share in and support this commitment.

Committed to Equal Opportunities in Employment and positively welcome your application irrespective of your gender, race, disability, colour, ethnic or national origin, marital status, religion or age.